Government-funded Nazi teacher organization vows to protect 'trans kids' from their parents
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Mike Obama Nazi Kamp
2023-06-21 10:23:28 UTC
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The Daily Mail came out with a story yesterday revealing facts about the
LGBT movement in education that even the most paranoid conspiracy theorist
couldn’t have imagined. The federal government, it turns out, supports
teachers that want to talk to schoolchildren about queer sexuality as
early as elementary school and try to change their genders without
parental knowledge or consent, even if it’s illegal in their district.

Don’t believe me? Take it from the hosts of a teachers’ conference at the
Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center, a group that has received
funding from the Department of Education since the 1960s. In the leaked
video of the presentation, they made their intentions clear with comments
that they probably didn’t expect to become public.


“We're working with our record-keeping system so that certain screens
can't be seen by the parents … if there's a nickname in there we're trying
to hide,” said a staff member for a K-12 school in Michigan about a
child’s transgender identity.

Supporting “trans youth” in schools, an Ohio-based teacher said, “requires
working subversively and quietly sometimes to make sure that trans kids
have what they need.” She also warns the group of roughly 30 attendees
that they must discuss “sexuality” with elementary students in ways that
do not present “reinforced heterosexuality as the norm.”

“At no point in the session did any teacher say parents might know what's
best for their own kids, nor question whether affirmation-on-demand was
the only way to help a trans-identified student,” the Daily Mail noted.

These employees are not outliers. A parental rights organization reported
this month that thousands of school districts consider it a matter of
policy to keep potentially difficult parents uninformed on these matters.

Sending a child down the path of LGBT indoctrination without guidance from
their parents has proven to be dangerous. When a Virginia school secretly
helped a 14-year-old girl identify as a boy, she was groped and assaulted
in the boys’ bathroom. After staff encouraged her to explore gender-
related resources online, she found herself on websites that adult
strangers used to kidnap and rape her. She eventually decided she wasn’t
transgender at all, as most children with gender dysphoria tend to do
later in life.

Interfering with a child’s natural development with cross-sex hormones and
puberty blockers can also have harmful effects, most notably
sterilization, as insiders to gender medicine have acknowledged. If
children take these substances and still don’t feel satisfied despite
adults in their life insisting they're transgender, they often become
convinced that they must pursue more transformative procedures. This may
lead to an irreversible surgery by adulthood or even earlier, which many
come to regret.

Parents who wish to have their own influence in this process might not
succeed if secretive teachers have a head start. Their predatory strategy
is to slip in at a young age to earn a child’s trust, appealing to their
naturally rebellious nature by telling them that their parents are
misguided or “transphobic” for disapproving of what they think they want
at the time. The delusional ideologues behind this do not care about the
child the way a parent does, nor will they have to live with any of the
destructive consequences of isolating the child from those who do care
about them.

Those who don’t want any of this to happen have used the democratic
process to elect politicians who have passed laws against it. But activist
educators, as one declared in the video conference, have their “own right
code of ethics,” which “doesn't always go along with the law.”

President Joe Biden’s DOE decided in November that this organization
deserved 8.5 million of our tax dollars. If you are a loving and
protective parent, know that your own government is actively working
against your interests and the well-being of your child.

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2023-06-21 10:28:29 UTC
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The former superintendent of a northern Virginia school system has been
indicted on three misdemeanor charges by a special grand jury that
investigated the response to two sexual assaults committed by a student
last year.

The grand jury has also issued a felony perjury indictment against the
school system’s primary spokesman.

The indictments against former Loudoun County Public Schools
Superintendent Scott Ziegler and spokesman Wayde Byard follow release of
a report last week that faulted the school system in general, and
Ziegler in particular, for a lack of transparency about the assaults. It
also concluded that the second assault could have been prevented if
officials had heeded warning signs in the student’s behavior.

The grand jury was commissioned by Republican Attorney General Jason
Miyares after he and Gov. Glenn Youngkin took office at the start of the
year. Both criticized the school system during their election campaigns.

The school system sought unsuccessfully to quash the grand jury
investigation, calling it politically motivated.

The school system issued a statement Monday saying Byard has been placed
on leave, and noting that the board on Tuesday plans to take up
recommendations issued by the grand jury. Ziegler and Byard are
scheduled to make initial appearances in Loudoun County Circuit Court on

The three misdemeanors against Ziegler include one count of false
publication, one count of prohibited conduct related to alleged
retaliation against a teacher, and one count of penalizing an employee for
a court appearance.

The indictments, unsealed Monday, include few details, but the false
publication count appears to relate to a statement Ziegler made in June
2021 denying that there had been any assaults occurring in school
bathrooms. In fact, the first sexual assault occurred a month earlier in a
bathroom stall at Stone Bridge High School, and emails show Ziegler had
been made aware of it.

Ziegler later said he misunderstood the question.

The other two charges are not related to the assaults but to a lawsuit
filed by a special education teacher, Erin Brooks, who alleged that the
school system retaliated against her after she reported that a special
needs student at an elementary school had sexually assaulted her. That
lawsuit is ongoing.

The school board unanimously voted to fire Ziegler last week shortly after
the special grand jury issued its report.

Byard, the longtime spokesman for the school system, is best known in the
county as the voice on the automated calls and messages that notify
students when schools are closed due to inclement weather. Students have
elevated him to a sort of cult status, creating memes honoring his
position as the bearer of good news to students looking for a respite from

After the first assault occurred in a girls’ bathroom stall at Stone
Bridge in May 2021, the student was charged in juvenile court and barred
by court order from returning to Stone Bridge, according to the grand jury

Administrators then transferred him to nearby Broad Run High School, where
the second assault occurred in October 2021. He was convicted in juvenile
court of both assaults.

The report says teachers at both schools warned administrators of the
student’s disturbing conduct weeks before each assault occurred. Even the
student’s grandmother spoke up and warned the student’s probation officer,
referring to her grandchild as a “sociopath,” according to the report.