Florida Aligns With PragerU For Education Material - Any NEUTRALS Out There ?
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2023-08-02 02:34:06 UTC

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Florida is the first state in the
country to partner with PragerU Kids, a conservative-leaning
educational media company, as an educational vendor.

The Florida Department of Education recently announced the
partnership with the company, which bills itself as an
"educational, entertaining, pro-American kids shows for
every grade."

State officials said the videos can be used with discretion
by school districts.

The company's website states that they are combating a woke
agenda. CEO Marissa Streit said she's aware there is pushback.

. . .

Are there NO educational institutions/groups that do
NOT "LEAN" towards any religious or political extreme ???

Being "anti-Wokie" with 7-year-olds is as bad as
being ANTIFA with them.

We'll have to check into Prager a bit and what he
wants to "teach" the kiddies. SOME of the stuff
sounds pretty ok, useful, but let's look closer.

Sorry, there's graffiti lots older than 4004-BC and
only Dr. Who could fit two of every animal into
a little boat to dodge a flood that never happened.
(most) Wokies aren't devils and NAZIs are never saints.

Schooling really should try, hard, to stick to
"3-Rs" stuff. The 'subjective' junk should be
treated as subjective. Excellence, not 'equity',
is always the goal.

There is an evil trend in human politics. When
"they" use extreme measures the "solution" is
always seen as "We have to be even MORE extreme
in the opposite direction !". Well, then "they"
respond by being even MORE extreme .. and on
and on it goes until there's blood and flames
in the streets. Somebody sort-of wins, but that
doesn't mean they were correct and the COST is
always horrific.
2023-08-02 12:56:08 UTC
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Florida is the Leprosy capital of America.