Federal judge denies motion to dismiss woke lawsuit against school district's 'culture of kindness' policy
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2023-10-29 06:03:26 UTC
The resolution, which passed by a 3-2 vote, bans assignments where
students would have to consider their race, socioeconomic class,
religion, gender identity or sexuality. It also states schools
cannot force individuals to admit privilege or oppression.

Rightists ARE VERMIN
2023-10-29 12:08:36 UTC
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privilege or oppression.
Time to round them up.

GOP: Gang of Pedophiles
The list of Republican and Trump-connected child rapists, sex traffickers,
pedophile enablers and child porn offenders keeps growing

No one exemplifies the hypocrisy of modern day "Conservative Christians"
quite like Southern Baptist pastor-turned-politician Mike Huckabee.

This so-called "Man of God" is so determined to protect America's children
from the evils of the world that back in January 2015 he publicly slammed
the Obamas for allowing their daughters to listen to Beyonce's 'mental

Later that year, when his friend Josh Duggar admitted to molesting five
young girls, including two of his own sisters, the former Arkansas
Governor wasn't quite so harsh. According to Huckabee, "Josh's actions...
(were) 'inexcusable,' but that doesn't mean 'unforgivable.'"

Having been told that molesting kids was not quite as bad as letting them
listen to Beyonce, Josh Duggar was absolved of his sins and sent back out
into the world. Soon afterwards, it was revealed that the "family values
activist" was also active on Ashley Madison, "a web site created for the
express purpose of cheating on your spouse."

Six years later, Josh Duggar is back in the news after being arrested on
federal child pornography charges. Twitter avatar for @TheDailyEdge
The Daily Edge @TheDailyEdge
Homeland Security agent Gerald Faulkner said that the more than 200 images
found on Josh Duggar's computer were among "the worst of the worst"
material he's ever had to examine. people.comJosh Duggar Had More Than 200
Images of 'Child Sexual Abuse Material' on His Computer:
AuthoritiesHomeland Security agent Gerald Faulkner said that the files
found on Josh Duggar's computer were among "the worst of the worst"
material he's ever had to examine 7:41 PM ú May 8, 2021

One Homeland Security agent described the images Duggar had downloaded to
his computer as among "the worst of the worst" he's ever had to examine.
According to a press release from the U.S. Attorney's Office in the
Western District of Arkansas, the two charges Duggar faces carry sentences
of up to 20 years of imprisonment and fines up to $250,000 on each of the
two counts if he is convicted, making his total possible sentence 40
years. His trial has been set for July. Q had the right idea, wrong party

Mike Huckabee, of course, is not the only prominent, pedophile-enabling
Republican to have shrugged at reports of sexual abuse.

Former wrestling coach Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, a Trump-defending thug
frequently seen on Fox News, is accused of turning a blind eye to a
"cesspool of deviancy" at Ohio State University, to the point of even
telling one referee alarmed at the rampant abuse by the team doctor,
"Yeah, that's Strauss." Twitter avatar for @TheDailyEdge
The Daily Edge @TheDailyEdge
Nearly 300 men are listed as victims of rape or abuse in the lawsuit
against Ohio State.

@Jim_Jordan was told repeatedly about Strauss and did nothing.

When alerted by one REFEREE, Jordan replied, "Yeah, that's Strauss."

#JimJordanKnew #ResignJimJordan
abcnews.go.comNew suit claims Ohio State doc raped wrestler, abused
minorsThe latest federal lawsuit against Ohio State over two decades of
alleged sexual abuse by a now-dead team doctor means nearly 300 men are
listed plaintiffs in the matter 2:40 PM ú Nov 12, 2019

According to the AP, a total of 2,200 total instances of fondling and 127
instances of rape attributed to Strauss have now been tallied. George
Clooney is producing a documentary based on an October 2020 Sports
Illustrated story about the case. Trump, Foley, Hastert, Moore and Gaetz
were just the start.

In February 2021, Melissa Gira Grant wrote in the New Republic about "the
string of Trump-associated Republicans (who) have recently faced charges
related to the sexual exploitation of minors." Among the cases she

Sex-offender-turned-Trump-access-peddler George Nader, now serving 10
years in prison for transporting a child into the country for sex and
possessing child pornography. As Grant wrote: "Nader had participated
in diplomatic meetings with Jared Kushner and former national security
adviser Michael Flynn, who went on to become a QAnon hero and
devotee." This Trump-Kushner access happened despite the fact that, as
Middle East Eye reported in 2019, Nader had been "repeatedly been
caught in possession of child pornography" and had previously "served
a prison sentence for the abuse of young boys." Twitter avatar for
@TheDailyEdge The Daily Edge @TheDailyEdge
@KLeavitt45 @PressSec This is Donald Trump posing with his close
friend George Nader who sold access to the Trump White House and is
now serving 10 years in federal prison for transporting a 14-year-old
to America for sex. Image
8:57 PM ú Oct 20, 2020

Ruben Verastigui, a digital strategist who had worked for both the RNC
and the Trump reelection campaign, arrested as part of a federal child
sexual exploitation investigation. In messages obtained by federal
investigators, the pro-life activist wrote: "Babies are some of my
biggest turn-ons." According to The Daily Beast: "In a group chat with
18 others, Verastigui allegedly traded child porn and graphically
discussed his preference for videos depicting child abuse. Verastigui
also discussed 'in great detail' how much he enjoyed seeing children
be abused and killed."

Former Kentucky judge Tim Nolan "who served as a Trump delegate and
ballot observer" and who was "charged with multiple human trafficking
offenses, after an investigation found that he had a pattern of paying
minors and adults for sex, in some cases recording them." As Grant
wrote: "The young woman whose story helped open an investigation into
Nolan reported him to her school counselor. He was her family's
landlord, she said, and he had tried to pay her for sex when she was
underage, and put his hand on her crotch." Nolan is currently serving
a 20-year sentence.

Republican state senator Ralph Shortey, Trump's Oklahoma campaign
chair, was convicted of child sex trafficking and sentenced to 15
years. As NBC News reported, the then-married Shortey was arrested in
a motel room with a 17-year-old boy he hired for sex. Police found
exchanges on the teen's tablet in which Shortey referred to him as
"baby boy" and offered him cash in exchange for "sexual stuff."
Shortey was also discovered to have sent and received child
pornography and used Craigslist to seek casual encounters with males,
the "younger the better."

Ben Gibson, a 2020 Republican congressional candidate from Louisiana,
who lost his election in November and got arrested in December on four
counts of pornography involving juveniles under the age of 13.

Just three weeks after Grant's New Republic article, Politico reported
that a second Trumpublican had been arrested in the same federal child
pornography investigation that had ensnared Ruben Verastigui:

Trump Commerce Department official Adam Hageman, 25, has been held
since last November accused of "sharing a child pornography video and
commenting several times on sexually abusing children." Hageman was a
member of the group for months before Trump hired him and was "an
active participant, often soliciting child pornography or commenting
on it." He also "invited at least one other person who he knew to be
interested in child pornography and bestiality to the chat."

QAnon adherents appear untroubled by the flood of recent stories about the
child rapists and sex traffickers in their midst. These
"Anderson-Cooper-eats-babies" conspiracy theorists continue to put their
faith in the Party of Donald Trump, Mark Foley, Dennis Hastert, Roy Moore
and Matt Gaetz as the only way to "Save the Children" from the
Satan-worshipping pedophiles they know are out there somewhere, hiding in
the deepest recesses of the Deep State.

All evidence to the contrary will be ignored.

UPDATE: August 12, 2021: Today brought news of another arrest. As the
U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Minnesota said in a press
release, prominent GOP strategist Anton Lazzaro was "arrested and
indicted on federal sex trafficking charges for allegedly recruiting
six minor victims to engage in commercial sex acts." Read more here.

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Apr 8

Don't forget arch-criminal and pedophile Roy Cohn, the person Trump calls
'my closest friend and grearest mentor'